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In this area, we gather videos about the main milestones of TMSA. Get to know, through these audiovisuals, some remarkable facts in the company's history, as well as important data about some of its most significant works.
TMSA product portfolio

Discover our portfolio and find the right solution for your business. Equipment for: Agroindustry, pulp, energy, fertilizers, mining, ports and thermoelectric plants.

Institutional video
TMSA Group is one of the main suppliers of equipment for terminals and solid bulk handling in high capacities and long distances.
History of Mr. Heinz Friedrich Elter
Discover the history of the founder of TMSA: from the difficult period of war in Europe to the success achieved by his entrepreneurship in Brazil.
Work Port of Santos
Watch the time lapse of the TMSA project that is being completed at Porto of Santos in São Paulo.
Work Port of Paranaguá
Get to know the details of the new work delivered by TMSA at the Port of Paranaguá in Paraná
Work Port of Itaqui
Get to know the details of the new work delivered by TMSA at Porto do Itaqui in Maranhão.
Main TMSA port works
Since the 1970s, TMSA has been delivering major port works throughout Brazil. Get to know the main ones.
Tubular Conveyor
Discover one of the largest tubular conveyors in Brazil in Candiota, RS, with 4.17km in length! Designed and built by TMSA.
ADM Port Terminal
Get to know the details of ADM's port terminal at the port of Santos in the State of São Paulo.
Get to know the details of the work delivered by TMSA at the Maranhão Grains Terminal.
Export terminal in Paranaguá, PR
Get to know the details of the supply, assembly and commissioning of 1000 t/h and 2000 t/h belt conveyors and bucket elevators and powder removal system.
Vale S.A - Tailings filtration project TMSA
Watch the video and get to know the TMSA tailings filtering project for the company Vale S.A. in Itabira - MG, Brazil.

Learn more about Mega, TMSA partner for grain drying systems.

TMSA product portfolio

Through a partnership with Mega, TMSA offers the most efficient grain drying system on the market, providing the best result with minimal energy consumption.

Drying flow visualization
Dryer discharge

Learn more about Kahl

TMSA partner in pelletizers and dryers for the production of biomass pellets, fertilizers and feed.
Institutional video
Discover a Kahl compound feed plant
Discover a Kahl Granulator plant
Kahl Expander Features for Feed Production
Kahl Pelletizing Animation

Learn more about 4B

Institutional video

4B is TMSA's partner in components for Bucket Elevators, Belt and Chain Conveyors, Control Systems, Monitoring and Safety Sensors.

Grain Dust Explosion Demo
Speed Switch Calibration and Test Device

Learn more about DSH systems

Hopper Functionality

In partnership with TMSA, DSH offers an innovative system that controls the emission of dust́ in the free fall and transfer of dry bulk.

Dust Suppression System
Dust Suppression Hopper Demo

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