TMSA has developed important strategic partnerships with some of the world leading companies in the bulk handling technology business, adding value to our portfolio with highly specialized solutions, allowing services of any demand and focusing on best practices in terms of technology, durability, sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and safety.
Cowi, Canada

A leading consulting group with 360° approach.

DSH, New Zealand

Dust Suppression Hopper

E-Crane, Belgium

Loaders and unloaders.

Grupo Kahl, Germany

Pelletizers and dryers for the production of biomass, fertilizer and animal’s foods.

Mega, Argentina

Grain Drying System

4B Components, USA/UK

Components for Skip Hoist, Belt and Chain conveyors; System Control, Monitoring and Safety Sensors for EX zones.


COWI is a global consulting group that provides services in several areas: economics, management and planning; water and environment; geotechnical and IT information; railways, subways, roads and airports; bridges, tunnels and marine structures; buildings; industry, and power.

+55 (51) 2131-3333


In partnership with TMSA, DSH offers an innovative system that controls the emission of dust in free fall and transfer of dry bulk. It is an effective solution that generates big savings in loading or transfer of dry granular products, especially in loading trucks, wagons, silos, warehouses and ships. It does not consume power, does not require vacuum systems and has no moving parts. It is simple to install and easy to operate and it reduces hazards and risks to health, reduces dust and volatile losses.

+55 (51) 99259-2796


A unique class of hydraulic cranes for loading and unloading particulate materials. Its unique design, and requires less investment in infrastructure, it is ideal for critical operations where other equipment cannot operate the segment. They differ from the other options available in the market for high productivity with the lowest operating cost per ton of the market, reduction of up to 50% in energy consumption and significantly lower maintenance costs.

+55 (51) 2131-3333


The Kahl Group adds to the TMSA portfolio its advanced solutions for pellet manufacturing for the most diverse applications such as: wood, chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, recycling of tires and plastic, animal feed (pigs, cattle, poultry, dairy, pet food), industrial production of rice and oats (Schule equipment) and industrial production of coffee (Neotec equipment).


Through the partnership with Mega, TMSA provides the most efficient grain drying system on the market by providing the best result with minimum energy consumption. Its special design of mixed column was created with a format that allows even distribution of air. But its unique system of self-supporting modules allows the dryer capacity to be expanded easily, which made it become a world reference with over 1, 000 dryers installed on three continents. Capacities from 20 t/h to 500 t/h.

+55 (51) 99528-3276


The partner with 4B allows the TMSA client to have access to the longest line of components for skip hoists in the world. 4B is a world leader in this segment, providing belts for hoists, in addition to manufacturing high quality forged chains. The electronics division of 4B specializes in level controls, smart sensors and safety control systems that prevent downtime of machines and minimize the risk of explosion in hazardous areas.

+55 (51) 99259-2796

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